A - Z of Fundraising Ideas!

Here we go.....

Feeling brave?  Get a group of people to abseil down a local building in aid of ABCD. You are likely to get press coverage for this type of fundraising event too.
To stay fit and healthy, organise an aerobics-athon.  It’ll make you feel good about supporting us.
- of promises or donated goods
Donate your earnings to ABCD
Bake off!
Get your friends, colleagues, parish or group to bake cakes, pies and biscuits, and see who can produce the tastiest sponge. Sell what's left after the judges have done their tasting. You could even auction the winning entries!
Fancy getting dressed up and having a party!  Organise a charity ball!
Barn Dance
Sweet talk a farmer into lending you his barn and then organise a night crammed full of dosy doeing. Charge £10 a ticket and organise a collection part way through the night. Alternatively, hire or blag your local community centre/ church hall.
Beard Shaving
Grab a few hairy men and shave them.  Fundraise by getting people to sponsor them to go through with it.  You can shave heads, beards, backs or legs... the possibilities are great.
Book Sale
Sell old books collected from people you know
Cake Sale
Sell home-made cakes/biscuits/Palestinian food
Car Wash 
Organise a local car wash and charge people to make their cars sparkle!
Carol Service
Have a rousing carol singing fundraiser!  Bring people together to raise their voices whilst also raising funds to transform the lives of children in Bethlehem.
Coppers for ABCD
Collect all those unwanted coppers that weigh down your pockets.  Small change can make a big difference.
Take part in a sponsored bike ride.  You can either organise your own or join a more challenging route.  www.charitychallenge.com has lots of different cycle rides to get involved in as well as some other really great challenges!
Dress Down for the Day
Organise a dress down day at work with the proceeds going to ABCD.
Dress Up As …… Day 
Characters from History, characters from TV, characters from films, characters from books.
Dinner Party
Charge people £10 for a dinner party at yours.
Dog Walking 
Walk dogs or pet sit whilst owners are away and donate the money you earn to ABCD.
Doughnut sale
Delight all your friends with a delicious doughnut sale. Shops like Krispy Kreme let you buy their doughnuts at special low prices so that you can sell them on for a fundraising profit!
Eco day
Dress green and do good deeds for the day, like litter picking and recycling your rubbish. Remember to get sponsored for all the activities you do. Set up a sponsorship page on VirginGiving.  Email everyone you know explaining what you're doing and what ABCD does, encouraging them to support you.
Exhibit your artwork or other crafts and charge for entry.  Great to showcase local talent and raise money for ABCD!
Fashion Show
Organise a fashion show selling tickets, drinks and food.
Fayres, Fetes and Bazaars
Get yourself a big space (a hall, a field or even a car park) and let your imagination go crazy. Set up a coconut shy, apple bobbing stand, races and white elephant stalls.
Football Tournament
Get local teams to get together for a great tournament.  Charge for entry and give a prize to the winning team.
Fun run
Dust off your running shoes, add a green tutu and run for fun. Organise your own fun run or join a sponsored event for ABCD.
Garage Sale 
Sell your old things and make a profit for ABCD.
Garden party
Whip up some cucumber sandwiches, dust off the picnic tables and crack open some Pimms.  Charge a small entrance fee and organise a collection during the fundraising event.
Give it up!
Get sponsored to go without something. Give up speaking for a day, computer games for a week, chocolate for a month, or give up magazines for the whole of Lent!  Donate the money you save or set up a sponsorship page on VirginGiving.
Go-Kart Derby 
Go-Karts are home-made; raise money by charging a modest entry fee.
Guess the baby/ the number of sweets in the jar
Charge for £1 a turn and offer a prize for the nearest guess.
Head Shaving
Less impressive if you already have a crew cut, but for those of you with long flowing locks this could raise you lots of money for ABCD.  Or if you aren't feeling brave, get sponsored to shave the head of a hairy (willing) mate.
Highland Games
Tug of war in kilts, tossing the caber in kilts and throwing the hammer... in kilts.  Charge all entrants a fee and buy some small prizes to award to the winners.
Think about how your hobbies can help you raise more money for ABCD  e.g. if you make jewellery, sell it for ABCD.
In Lieu
Ask for donations for ABCD in place of Christmas/ wedding/ birthday gifts.   We’d be ever so grateful and the money raised goes to very deserving fabulous children!
Charge for your ironing services and then donate the profits to ABCD.
Jumble Sale
Sell your own clothes and things you don't use.
Karaoke Competition
Charge for entry and donate the money raised to ABCD.
Litter Picking
People will be very willing to pay you if you're cleaning up a local park, beach or kids' playground. This is a way to help your local community while raising money for ABCD, so everyone's a winner.
Lunchless Day
Ask your colleagues to bring a packed lunch for the day then donate their saved lunch money to ABCD.
Want a real challenge?  Something that’s on your Bucket List?  Run a marathon for ABCD – if you really want to up the game, make it somewhere a little different!   Bethlehem, for example holds a Marathon every April!  Get friends to sponsor you.
Matched Giving 
With any sponsorship fundraising you do ask your company to match your funds.
Murder Mystery
Hold a murder mystery night.  Great fun and combined with great food and fun company, no one minds donating to ABCD in return.
New Years Eve Party
Sell drinks, food and tickets to attend your New Years party with encouraged donations and a raffle during the evening.
New Years Resolution
Get sponsorship for every day you keep to your resolution.
Odd Jobs
Give your time doing odd jobs and donate the money you earn to ABCD.  Let people know what you’re doing it for so that they know that anything they pay goes to a really good cause!
Not for the faint hearted!  Raise sponsorship - you'll need enough to pay for your parachute-jump; the rest can go towards ABCD.  Contact friends, family, colleagues, your parents' colleagues, and local companies.
Pie Eating 
Ask people to sponsor you for every pie you eat!  Just make sure you like pies!
Plastic Duck Race
Find a company near you that hires out plastic ducks. People sponsor a duck, and they're released at a set point to float down a river. The sponsor of the winning duck gets a prize.
Poker Night 
Arrange a poker night and charge entry.
Tell your local paper what you are doing.
Quintessentially British Day
Bunting, tea and corgis are just a few things that spring to mind, perhaps for you it is afternoon tea, marmite or maybe a Sunday Roast and Stephen Fry? Put on a celebration of all things Quintessentially British. You can charge entry and raise funds with tombola's and bake sales.
Quiz Night
Charge for entry with a prize for the winning team.
Hold a raffle for ABCD using donated goods if possible.
Take part in a running race.   There are many that you can get involved with.   Park Runs are great or set your own personal challenge.
Offer your services/ skills for free then ask for donations to ABCD.
…. silence/famine/run/cycle/walk/swim/stay-awake.. the options are endless!
Swear Box 
If there is someone who swears a lot in your office, encourage them to donate £1 to ABCD every time they swear for a month.
Tea Morning
Invite your friends for a tea morning, tell them about ABCD and use our donation forms to encourage them to give to ABCD ensuring they have lots of information about us.
Ever wanted to trek across the Sahara?  Himalayas?  These days anything is possible.  Go to www.charitychallenge.com for more great ideas.   All organised for you.
Unwanted Gifts
We all have them!!  Don’t let them sit at the back of the cupboard gathering dust - sell your unwanted gifts and donate the profit to ABCD.
Got enough vintage shirts to set up your own stall? Got an eye for finding furniture gems online and at car boots? Why not organise your own vintage sale and donate proceeds to ABCD?  If you don't have enough time to organise your own stall why not organise a vintage clothes swap, people pay a small fee for entry and you raise funds on the day with activities and bake sales. Perhaps sell homemade lemonade to keep people refreshed while they swap!
Whacky Race
Race snails; rubber ducks; wind up cars…. The only limit is your imagination!
Wine and Cheese Evening
Organise and sell tickets for a wine and cheese evening.
Worm Charming
A plot of land, usually a grass field or village green is divided up into small plots; the participants then have to charm as many worms to the surface as possible in a set amount of time. The winner is the person who collects the most worms form their plot.
X-Factor Competition
Celebrate all your talents by putting on a show – Britain’s definitely got talent. Organise your own talent show and invite friends and family too.
X Marks The Spot
Organise a treasure hunt with every team paying to enter.
Year to Remember
What's the most memorable year of your life? Why not make it this year, and for all the right reasons. What could you do for a year to make a difference? Doing something everyday for 365 days is the ultimate dedication and a sure way to encourage people to sponsor you. But what to do? How about walking dogs every day for a year and donating the money you make? Or how about giving something up for a whole year?

Yoga marathon
Know your tree pose from your downward dog? Lots of fundraisers use skills they already have to successfully raise money. So if you are a self-confessed Yogi why not run a not-for profit class, your pupils will not only have invesed in their own health but also have the added satisfaction that they have made a difference to other people's wellbeing too. We can help provide you with risk assessment templates and information to make sure your yoga event is safe.
Zip Wire - Adrenaline junkie or willing to face a fear? There's zipwires up and down the country and all offer a different experience, so do your research and find the challenge that is right for you (and most likely to encourage friends to sponsor you)