Bethlehem Arab Society for Rehabilitation (BASR)

​We have worked with our long-term partners, BASR for over 30 years. 

Currently, ​ABCD supports the running of BASR's Community Based Rehabilitation Programme, who work across the Greater Bethlehem and Hebron region, and the BASR's  Music Therapy Programme

 ABCD’s particular area of interest and help is supporting the BASR’s Outreach Programme. The Outreach Team consists of a multi-disciplined team of professionals and health workers who work through local community centres, schools and with families stretching deep in to remote rural areas. 
 ABCD’s Individual Needs Programme provides funds help in the form of technical assistance such as wheelchairs, walking aids, medical boots, made to measure supports for backs, and other joints, also hearings aids, eyeglasses, transport for treatment, short term rehabilitation therapy sessions, corrective surgery and home modifications.  These needs are identified and assessed by the Outreach Team and referred to us through BASR’s project manager.
Some children will be admitted to the BASR for initial diagnosis and treatment.  They will then be set on a rehabilitation programme before they return home.   It is the policy of the BASR that, wherever possible, these young people are accompanied by their mother, or family member, who stays with them throughout this time.  This way the child, and mother, are less traumatised by the experience and the mother learns how to handle the child and their treatment when back at home.   
It is incredible how far just a little support can go. Funding is needed so that many more children currently on waiting lists can be helped. 
Physiotherapy, occupational, speech or music therapy - £10 a session
Made to measure back moulds for wheelchairs - £200
Walking aids - £60
Ankle sprints - £50
Eye glasses - £60

Orthopaedic consultation - £15
Transport to and from hospital - £8
Cost of child inpatient stay - £100
Hearing aid - £250
Wheelchair - £450
Basic kit for music therapy - £55
Other aids and therapies from £17

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