Georgina Mortimer

Georgina Mortimer sadly passed away on June 13th, 2016.​

Georgina co-founded ABCD in 1985.    Her sudden and untimely passing has come as a huge sadness to us all at ABCD. 

Those who worked with her; the hundreds of friends, supporters and children with disabilities whose lives she touched throughout ABCD's 30 years will feel her loss deeply.

Georgina worked tirelessly with ABCD over the years.  Her wonderful personality, her vibrant and lively character together with her amazing people skills have made ABCD the spirted and vigorous charity it is today.

​Georgina had a deep passion for those less fortunate than herself

and a great humanitarian interest in the world. Through her many field trips her name has become almost a household word in Palestine for care and compassion.

There will never be another Georgina – the world is a poorer place for her passing. She will be remembered with love and affection by so many.   Thank you Georgina.​​

​Trustees of ABCD

Words can never express how deeply sad we, at BASR, all feel for Georgina’s loss.

Georgina was warm hearted, vibrant woman, full of energy and motivation. She was a very dedicated person who worked very hard for any cause she believed in and pursued. Her vivacious smile often brought comfort and happiness into the hearts of many people she got in touch with, including vulnerable Palestinian children with disabilities and their families. Her kind heart always went out for the most vulnerable, especially children with disabilities and made all efforts to make a difference in their lives with her sincere love and compassion.

On behalf of BASR board staff, particularly those who worked with her directly, as well as beneficiaries who lives were touched by her kind gestures and the warmth of her genuine love. We shall all cherish memories of this marvellous lady! She will always be in our hearts and thoughts.

​Edmund Shehadeh - Bethlehem Arab Society for Rehabilitation

Georgina – lovely lady, caring colleague, wise woman and fantastic friend: the alliterative accolades could continue almost ad infinitum.

We first met just over 20 years ago since when we kept in regular touch. Almost a decade later, I was appointed administrator for ABCD, following Georgina’s invitation for interview. She was always considerate, measured and pastoral in her response to the many challenges wrought by involvement with a charity whose beneficiaries live in an area of the world where the humanitarian conditions are so often overshadowed by the political scene.
She taught me how to manage this tension – to find a way to turn negative into positive. She was always encouraging – and never asked anyone to take on a task she wasn’t willing to perform herself. Georgina has been a line manager sans pareil – yet another addition to her long list of attributes.

Yet at the same time she was so very modest. I knew she was a superb cook and home-maker – that she could embroider and was an able photographer. But I discovered her talent for drawing only recently, when, as a thank you for a gift of Palestinian pottery, I received a hand-painted picture of the jug filled with daffodils – a card which I shall treasure forever.

My life has been truly enriched by knowing such a special person – she has left a huge gap it will be impossible to fill but also a lasting legacy which I shall attempt to honour.

Thank you for being “you”. RIP dear Georgina.

​Alison Driscoll
I first met Georgina in the late 1980’s when she came on a trip to Bethlehem with Val Jourdan. They were visiting the Bethlehem Arab Society for Rehabilitation and staying with Edmond Shehadeh, the director of the centre. This visit coincided with the declaration of the State of Palestine by Yasser Arafat.

She and Val needed to get to a meeting in Jerusalem and I offered to drive them. On arriving at the Shehadeh’s house Val and Georgie informed me that we had to make a detour up the hill at Bet Jala to the disabled children’s orphanage to check they were ok as there was a curfew and Edmond couldn’t leave his house.

We duly found the centre and knocked on the door to find that the house mother had no key to the food cupboard which was in the possession of the Sister who lived in a convent down the hill in Bethlehem. We set off to get the key but this was to prove no easy matter. We had to argue our way through an Israeli army road block to get the convent and then no-one would let us in. Fortunately a Brother from the next door school saw our predicament and remedied the situation by whistling towards the window of the Sisters sitting room. The window opened, an explanation was made and we received the key which had to be taken back to the orphanage. After all this we made our way to Jerusalem. During all this Georgie was amused but not fazed.

Our trip back to the Shehadeh’s house was equally exciting as we argued our way through another army road block by explaining we had to check on the disabled children. We joined a column of cars heading up the hill to the Israeli settlement at the top of the hill and discussed how we might take advantage of our escort to get to our destination. As the cars swept up the hill we followed at the back and then peeled off to the left at the turning to the Shehadeh’s house.

It is to Georgina’s credit that her first visit was not her last and she made many more trips. She said that her concern about the disabled children at the BASR was based on those she met on that visit who were of a similar age to her own youngest daughter.

​Lesley Dawson
It has been one of life’s great privileges meeting and getting to know Georgina. Georgina was one of life’s rare gems – a truly remarkable woman.

Georgina’s many talents and skills were used and to achieve so much too. Her vibrancy and zest for life were tangible – but so full of grace too. Her selfless zeal and energy used to achieve so much for others less fortunate than herself.

A light has indeed been extinguished and what a wonderful bright and shining light – a sparkling gem. One of life’s very, very special people.

​Jane Lavers
Georgina is loved by so many people and has made such an impact on so many lives. The best tribute any of us can give her is to build ABCD and help more and more needy people. She will remain an inspiration, whatever.

​Gill King
Georgina was a great person, full of life and energy. I will always cherish the good memories and lovely time I spent with her. May her beloved soul rest in ever lasting peace.

May God have mercy on her and give her family strength to bear this tragedy. We will miss her tremendously. Palestine has lost a devoted friend.

It is very few friendships that one can say they have made the world a better place. How great will be her reward in heaven today.

​Rupert and Blanche Ridge
I weep with sorrow that we have all lost one of life’s great and generous people who, as you say, only saw the good in everyone, a remarkable feat in this era of quick conclusions, often so ill-thought through, of people and which I learnt from.

Georgina was able to transcend the usual stuff, her natural kindness and ability to relate to any situation and act upon what was necessary to ensure progression was understood and made, but never in a forceful or demanding way as this was not her character. She also had the outstanding ability never to judge or criticise on a personal basis. The most generous of people in all ways.

​Carol Godsmark
Lovely Georgina.

​Tom Ridge
I will remember Georgina’s kindness, spirit, joy and tremendous mission.

​Gina Fontanini
I only met Georgina the one time, however, it was easy for all to see just what a dynamic, vibrant, strong and beautiful woman she was.

Georgina was a lovely and radiant woman. I feel privileged to have been in her presence which always made so much feel possible.

​Manal - Zaytoun

Georgina was one of the sparkly ones. A little duller without her here.

​Heather - Zaytoun

May Georgina be taken into the arms of the Good Shepherd. People were so moved by her words and her deep spirituality.

​Father Pat O'Donovan

I will remember Georgina with great fondness. She was a lovely person, compassionate and gracious and a blessing to ABCD.

​Jo Simister

All that Georgina gave to ABCD cannot be overestimated, she was tireless and so kind and understanding to all she met, both here and in Palestine.

​Jill Iredale

Georgina was the most giving, fun and generous person and everyone loved her.
​Anne Henley

Georgina was such an amazing person and always so very encouraging, kind and supportive to myself and The Sheepfold. We will miss her greatly.

Mary Rewers - The Sheepfold