Our Vision and Values

​To promote the relief and rehabilitation of physically, mentally or multi-handicapped children and young persons from Palestine, ABCD sponsors community based programmes which provide medical aid, rehabilitation programmes both physical and mental, education programmes and other such services relevant to the needs of such disabled persons and their families, including the manufacture and provision of aids and equipment and, on occasion, residential facilities.   ABCD also sponsors the costs associated with a dedicated children's services team and funds training and upgrading courses for those who work on the rehabilitation programmes.

​The Board of Trustees meet on a regular basis, but not less than twice a year, to review activities and determine policy.  The Trustees have delegated the day to day management of the charity to a Project Manager.   It is the Project Manager’s responsibility, in conjunction with the Chairman and Board of Trustees through regular field visits, to ensure that the agreed policies of the Trustees are implemented satisfactorily.