Field Trip October 2016

In October, 2016 Firas Sarhan led a field trip to ABCD's projects along with the Communications Team at ABCD.   To read their report, click the button below.

 Field Trip Report
October, 2016
​​In April, 2016 Firas Sarhan and Anthony Glaister engaged in our most recent field visit.   The purpose of the visit was to ensure that ABCD's funding was being spent where it was needed and to ascertain what is still needed to be done.
Here is some of what they found.

Nour Shams' specialists treat upto 12 children per month with cerebal palsy, spinal injury and other physical and learning disabilites thanks to ABCD funding.
​In Jalazone, upto 20 children are treated with cerebral palsy or other physical and learning difficulties with ABCD funding.
​ABCD is making a huge impact on these children in terms of supportand introducing quality to their lives through offering comprehensive rehabilitation programmes.